An introduction for thos who haven’t yet heard of Paris P2P - it’s an open community for people interested in crypto and peer-to-peer technologies, with monthly meetups that started in Paris and branched into other cities. The idea sparked in the summer of 2019 at the IPFS Camp, and the first meetup was held in the autumn.

I was one of the organizers, along with the other members of my team from Berty Technologies, the folks from Osmose Collective, and Phil and Gorhgorh.

If you visit Paris, you’re welcome to attend a meetup! And if you want to organize a branch in your own city, feel free to contact me.

In just a few months after Paris P2P began, a big festival was held in Paris, also attended by people from other cities and countries. You can check out the full agenda here.

I gave two talks there:

§Mainstream Introduction to the Berty Protocol

In this talk, I introduce IPFS and share the lessons learned while building their technology. has won the OMG Feature Award at the IPFS Camp 2019 in Barcelona. Berty is an NGO dedicated to building technology for protecting individuals, journalists, whistleblowers and citizens from any form of censorship and surveillance.

§How to Join and Contribute to Open Source Communities

Many developers have misconceptions about open source collaboration. Being a bit shy and afraid to make a mistake is a frequent reason for not contributing, and so is just not knowing about how to start. This talk will share lessons learned about open collaboration, both for project leads and independent contributors.

Bonus: a short interview where I introduce myself and Berty.

§Other talks

Here’s the full list of talks that I gave, as well as those I’m planning to give in the future. Is there anything you’re particularly interested in hearing? Drop me a line and share!