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Jury @ hackathon noc42 - pimp my school will be the new buildings around the 42 school in Paris that will complete the offer from the school with beds and other living services to make 42 more like a campus.

As opposite to most school campuses, this one will be located in multiple areas of the same block; some services will be available to neighbors (non-students); NOC is for « not a campus »

The theme of the hackathon was to hack this project while it’s still a project on paper and while it’s still possible to challenge and adapt some architectural choices.

The rule was to propose a project that preserve or enforce the culture of 42 (encourage collaboration between students and neighbors, improve the ecology score, provide new services to students, help local NGOs, using the technology)

Some of the projects:

  • a local coin that allows to gain coins by helping partners (help partner NGO, help the school) — very nice project, sadly not using a blockchain
  • an IOT platform to automate every part of the new buildings, and available to all students
  • an app that help people to find teammates to share a lunch, a.k.a. « Peer-Cooking », this project allows students to eat healthy for a lower price, to meet new students for a nice moment; this project is also a solution to allow more people to cook with less kitchen area, less energy consuming, etc
  • a wiki, some rules to constitute a community, and a system of flight cases with theme-specific tools inside. This modular system allows to create workshops on-the-fly for students, neighbors, NGOs, and other schools; with an optimized storing system and cost optimizations by increasing the sharing rate
  • and a lot of other IOTs or apps projects that were focused on addressing a specific topic

QOTD: « I’m convinced that a lot of new paradigms, new ecosystems, and new technologies will be bring to the public thanks to the artists and to the art in general », @zooma, speaking about the blockchain