Manfred Touron

You can find most of code projects on GitHub and my resume on LinkedIn.

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Onouo 🚀

My first company.

Mostly working on web projects and security audits.

Pathwar ☠️

Pathwar is a security learning platform.

It consists of:

  • an API (Go)
  • a web portal (React)
  • a web proxy (Go)
  • an ssh proxy (Go)
  • an oAuth server (Go)
  • an hypervisor (Docker)

More info on and on GitHub.

PMG Consulting 🚀

Single-person company for my side projects, also doing occasional missions for startups and VCs

in charge of technical due diligences and helping startups (IT security, recruiting, organization, distributed systems, cloud, banking, open-source, internet of things, blockchain, and education)

Focusing on tech and organizational scalability, growth, talents, risks and strategy.

Salut c'est cool

French techno/electro music band & artists crew.

They influenced me since 2014.

I help them with their digital services: websites, radio, chat, etc.

Scaleway ☁️

My first intraprenarial project.

First bare-metal cloud-computing service in the world.

scaleway-cli (scw)

Command-line interface to manage your Scaleway resources.

Tahigo 🎶

Rock & Ska-Punk music band.

Ultreme 🎨

Non-profit organization that designs, supports, promotes and develops artistics approaches and cultural exchanges.

United Drivers 🚀

The non-profit organization behind the Wulo project.

Veepee 🦋

European ecommerce group that pioneered the model of online flash sales.

while42 🥖

French Tech Engineers Network.

Wulo 🚕

French non-profit alternative to Uber.