Manfred Touron

You can find most of code projects on GitHub and my resume on LinkedIn.

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(cool) pattern finder (previously number-score)


📂 generic protocol generator based on golang’s text/template (grpc/protobuf).


🐚 retry shell commands


convert number into words (english, french, italian, roman, spanish…)

Une chanson par jour

“A song a day."

A challenge with friends to create and post a new song every single day.

A song is made of music and lyrics; it should be recorded and posted to be considered as valid.

We made it for about two months, resulting in 200+ songs for between 3 and five players every day.

To conclude this project, we made a compilation and a radio live.

Awesome SSH

💻 A curated list of SSH resources.


🎵 Web radio solution using Liquidsoap and Icecast

`ssh2docker` 💻

ssh2docker is an ssh server that proxifies directly into docker containers.

It as also the possibility to create new container, and is fully configurable.

See also my other similar project: sshportal.


🔧 terminal client for GoTTY


🔧 Anonymize UUIDs outputs (written in Golang)