§The ideas

  1. The perfect mix between Airtable & Neo4j - An Airtable-like solution to quickly manage from my mobile some dependency/relationships (graoh/RDF) small databases
  2. The perfect mix between Trello, GitHub & Jira - A tool that can be both used with few constraints (Trello, GitHub) and do powerful features (Jira) while having as few different entities as possible that are linked to existing stuff like repos, commits, issues, and that works offline (Trello)
  3. The perfect mix between GitHub and Google Docs - Having Google Docs review/comment feature linked with GitHub, for instance by automatically creating pull-request
  4. The perfect mix between Bankin, Qonto, Revolut, Google Spreadsheet and an AI - a tool that aggregates everything you own (money, loan&debt, salary, patrimony, etc.), allows you to have history and projections, suggestions, but also to simulate what would be the impact of buying, selling a building, having a salary raise, quitting job, etc
  5. A smart screen that always displays my calendar schedule, todolist, today’s achievements etc - I would put one in my bathroom to inject my today’s program and one on my offices desk
  6. The perfect mix between Franz, Google Inbox, Facebook Feed, etc. - A tool that aggregates every source of inputs I need to follow: emails, slack boards, text messages, monitoring, GitHub events; so you are sure to never miss anything important while being able to stop checking those services every 5 minutes; bonus: transform all those streams in threads in this tool with an “unread” state, so even Slack becomes usable tool for people mostly working asynchronously
  7. A tool that allows finding developers based on code instead of their CV (RIP. Sourced Legacy)
  8. A tool that makes remote working at least as effective as a local workingbonus: to make it work in hybrid organizations
  9. The perfect mix between Git, Perforce, and Subversion: something that allows me to have one big monorepos, that fits well with GitHub (where Perforce fails), that fits well with CI/CD (where monorepos fail), that allows cloning only a subpart of a repo
  10. The perfect mix between Neo4J and a self-hosted Wikipedia/Wikidata: A tool that allows to collaboratively define, view and analyze an unstructured, complex, evolutive, and living system (more)
  11. A tool that can transform my phone into a comfortable working station – So I can forget my laptop forever
  12. An anti-hater/anti-troll filter – Like the Gmail’s antispam for Internet browsing, maybe just by graying-out potential bad messages instead of deleting them completely
  13. A tool that anticipates proactively the bad behaviors while using your digital devices – detects unfocus & procrastination waves, when you look too tired, stressed, angry to reply to a mail, maybe not something that actually blocks you, but a visual indicator that motivated to go back “green”
Note: this article is the output of a routine, the content of this list won't change over time. It's, however, possible that I create a whole new list on the same subject as a dedicated new post.