Manfred Touron

Paris, France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

Paris is my current living location.

It’s the third time I’m living in Paris:

  • from 1988 to 1989: I moved to Paris with my parents just 1 week after my birth, and left Paris to Rouen 1 year later,
  • from 2006 to 2009: I moved back to Paris to attend Epitech School, and left Paris to Evreux during the 3rd year, to live with my current wife in a smaller city.
  • since 2018: I currently live in Paris with my wife, my dog, and my two daughters. It allows me to be more physically and emotionnaly available for both my family and my colleagues.

My family and I are very happy to live in the hyper-center of Paris. We don’t have a car anymore and are now most of the time pedestrians.

We have access to a huge amount of cultural places, parks and nice places, especially for young kids. We also have direct access to national trainstations and international airports. As parents, we are proud to provide our daughters access to a wide range of people, lifestyles, and cultures.

We don’t have any plan to move outside of Paris for now, but are thinking about living in a PΓ©niche in Paris.

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