§Living in Paris, France

In 2018, I moved to Paris, with my wife and my two daughters.

We are very happy there.

I’m studying the idea of living in a Péniche in Paris.


§Starting my new startup, Berty

Shortly after having shutdown Wulo, I started a new project with the same team.

Berty is a privacy application allowing everyone to communicate freely and keep their privacy, thanks to cryptography and peer-to-peer technology.


§Co-founding a new blockchain

Osmose Collective is a non-profit organization bringing new decentralized services for massive coop revolution.


§Coding everyday

Coding everyday since Oct 12, 2014.


§Doing consulting for startups, VCs, and multinational groups

I regularly audit and assist all-sized organizations in growing, scaling-up and solving complex problems.


§Working on a new version of Pathwar

I’m currently creating the 5th version of Pathwar, an IT security & cryptography learning platform.

This new version is a complete rewrite that focuses on:

  • simplifying the operational tasks, so I can let Pathwar up and running 365/365d,
  • simplifying external contributions to ease the creation of an open-source community.

I plan to create partnerships with multiple IT schools, help them to have exclusive content, with the target of having Pathwar becoming a new or complementary security section in their program.


§Learning new skills and reading books

For years, I was too focus on multiple topics and didn’t take the time to read books.

I’m now regularly reading non-fictional books, actively taking notes, sharing my insights with my colleagues.

I plan to write articles on this blog about my notes so it can help people get interested in some books, and more importantly, help myself to remember what I learned.

I’m currently interested in cryptography, productivity, graph theory, blockchain, entrepreneurship, life-experiments, philosophy, music, and science.

I’m in a “graph databases & vizualization systems” period.



As for reading, I didn’t write enough in the last years, and I’m now committed to writing regularly.

Sometimes it can be a blog post, a tweet, a comment, or a personal note.


§Embracing useless things

Enjoying doing and discovering useless but smart things (a.k.a. Hacks).

Most of my useless things are done with peers from https://ultre.me.


§Maintaining my open-source projects

I regularly add new features to the pieces of software I’m using every day. I improve the documentation of my projects to help more people discovering them. I fix or help to fix bugs and issues feedbacked by other contributors or users.


Last update: 2019-03-06

This page is also available as old-style .plan version.

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