§The ideas

  1. 10 ideas of subjects to make lists of 10 ideas (recurring subject)
  2. 10 ideas of productivity tools that I would love to use
  3. 10 ideas of side-projects
  4. 10 ideas to surprise my wife
  5. 10 ideas to do with my daughter while they are still super young
  6. 10 ideas to improve productivity and collaboration in my teams
  7. 10 ideas of blog post series
  8. 10 ideas of things I could delegate
  9. 10 ideas of topics I should try to be coached
  10. 10 ideas to make the world a better place
  11. 10 ideas of I can try to get out of my comfort zone
  12. 10 ideas of books to read
  13. 10 ideas of books to write
  14. 10 ideas of things I could automate in my life
  15. 10 ideas of alternative ways to “write” blog posts (drawing, photos, etc)
  16. 10 ideas of places where I could live
  17. 10 ideas of profiles I would like to hire/work with
Note: this article is the output of a routine, the content of this list won't change over time. It's, however, possible that I create a whole new list on the same subject as a dedicated new post.