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Collaborative Little Alchemy

The idea

Remake of Little Alchemy with collaborativity in mind.

Two collaborative modes:

  1. Administrative collaboration: people can easily propose new alchemies to the community.
  • It can easily be done thanks to open-source, basically, only a README file or a CONTRIBUTING file in an open GitHub project, and voila.
  1. Playing collaboration: being able to play in teams to share the fun.


not so much, just taking the time to setup the engine and have a decent UI.

Secret Santa - Online Edition

The idea

Just put the well-known Secret Santa tradition online.

By sending a small present to an unknown person, you are automatically enrolled to receive one by a future giver, etc.


  • automate everything, including support (delivey issues)
  • ensure privacy

Pirate Vocabulary Word List

Ahoy, Gunpowder, Treasure, Walk the plank, Yo-ho-ho, …