Let’s calculate the probability of:

The probability would be 0.0000…, with so many zeroes that, if they were grains of sand, they would fill our whole Universe.

I’m feeling very lucky to be that little “1” at the end of the long trail of zeroes.

I’m computer scientist who started developing at the beginning of a new IT era, which means:

Some might say: “Of course you’re feeling lucky living in a big city in a well-developed country, having such easy access to technology and education”. But another thing I like about the current era is how widespread the technology is and how many opportunities it gives. I worked with many people from other countries, thanks to the network that unites us. People have access to learning many things and be at the age of innovation, regardless of where they live. The world as a whole is getting more open and connected each day, and I’m very lucky and grateful to witness it and be a part of this process.

Photo Credits: Brett Jordan & Clément Falize