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Setting up the « Eisenhower Matrix » framework with my trello tasks

I’ve no idea of the efficiency alone, but it combines very nicely with my existing flows based on a custom set of Kanban columns on Trello.

I was already pretty efficient into defining the equivalent of the DO and DECIDE columns (in my own way); this workflows considerably help me to define the two last columns: DELEGATE and DELETE

Start the "paleo diet" experiment

I went to my dietetician this morning. I decided to switch from the “keto diet” to the “Paleo diet”.

My plans are:

  • experiment alternative diets to have a better understanding of my body take the best lessons from all of them
  • find other diets that I like, so I can switch later (either because of lassitude or based on seasons)
  • switch to a new diet (or to keto again) in 6 months
  • define a repeatable plan/pattern in about 1 year

13 Ideas of life experiments I would like to try

The ideas

  • long-term fasting for 1 week
  • intermitent fasting for 3 months
  • Uberman Sleep for 1 month (Polyphasic Sleep)
  • Dual Core 1 Sleep for 1 month (Polyphasic Sleep)
  • Siesta Sleep for 1 month (Polyphasic Sleep)
  • (non-religious) “monastic silence”, not use my voice for a period
  • Keto Diet for 3 months
  • Paleo Diet for 3 months (in progress)
  • No Amazon for a month for a month (don’t buy anything online)
  • “Yes Man” for a week
  • No screen during a working day, only paper and human discussions
  • Vegan Diet for 3 months
  • Switch off devices at home for 1 week
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