§The ideas

  1. AirTable Sync (weight, dependencies, blockers, etc.)
  2. Mode that aggregates every repository for a token (to avoid having to enter the names manually)
  3. To fetch less important entities (comments, events) when API quota is still high (>1000)
  4. Daemon mode (to replace the while true)
  5. Interactive Web Interface ❤️
  6. Interactive Web Interface with caching for offline access ❤️++
  7. Web Interface that can be used by an OAuth user
  8. Scoring system: a system that can score issues based on multiple criterias, sort them, and suggest the most prioritary ones
  9. Create a 1-click install AirTable template
  10. Support AirTable relationships (currently complicated due to an AirTable limitation).
  11. Automatically manage issues labels based on rules (blocker, blocking, has-dependency, high-score, etc.)
  12. Issue Roulette: Pick a random important issue; can be useful for real kanban flow.
  13. Provide visual statistics (charts, burndowns, etc.)
Note: this article is the output of a routine, the content of this list won't change over time. It's, however, possible that I create a whole new list on the same subject as a dedicated new post.