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OSMOSE Hackathon 20/21 april, 2019

Few days ago, I organised and hosted a Hackathon at Berty.

Two days of code and startup-design with friends, a new network, new opportunities, new ideas, and a lot of fun.


  • Berty (me)
  • Osmose (Zooma & Zaraki)
  • La suite du monde (Adrien)
  • Busy (Ekitcho)
  • Independants (Loup, Norman)


  • Projects presentations
  • Discuss about “how to work together”
  • Focus on code

What we’ve done

  • Meet people
    • New friends
    • New colleagues ? :)
  • Refactor if the web radio of Osmose / La suite du monde
    • Using with Liquidsoap, Docker, Icecast, Golang
    • Plan to plug it with Discord / Telegram to interact with users
  • Automate “La suite du monde” processes (onboarding, federation, delegation, scouting, etc…)
    • With Airtable, Zapier, custom scripts
    • Leboncoin / Seloger scraping with Scrapy (Python)
  • Discussions about Blockchain
    • General discussions to raise the knowledge of everyone
    • Main net / Test net / Token Economy
    • Comparisons
    • Features planning
    • Blockchain-based project architectures
    • DPOS strategy for Berty
    • La suite du monde strategy
    • Osmose strategy
    • Busy strategy
    • Blockchains comparisons
  • Architecture of an event ticketing & wallet system based on the blockchain
  • Fun
    • Blobby Volley, Jackbox
    • Nom nom nom
    • IRL Cryptography/Steganography game (fake telepathy)

10 Minutes to get a job - mindmap-based live presentation 🕙

10 minutes to get a job, by 42

42 recently launched a series of conferences named “10 Minutes to get a job”, the title is a little bit counter-intuitive, because, the 10 minutes hard-limit is for the organization presenting its activities; the students have all the time they need after the presentations, with some fresh foods and drinks.

10 minutes to get a job, by 42born2code

This series of conferences is very successful, a lot of students looking for a job (or just curious) are coming in the room for the presentation, and a lot more are coming for the buffet after (not sure about the motivation for these ones). 😄

Berty’s first public presentation

It was something totally new for the Berty team, the first time we talk about the project publicly, and as the project is still under development, we selected pieces of information that can be shared and that are is relevant and “sexy” for the students.

With the constraints of “10 minutes”, we made the choice of using preparing a mind-map with facts, no phrases, no images, and then I made the presentation by going word by word, and by expanding each mind-map folder’s.

It’s a little bit more complicated than a more standard conference, as I have to concurrently speak at the microphone, read the slide, move the zoomed map, expand folders, and everything in less than 10 minutes. Luckily, I made it in 9:55s and the organizer allowed one question from the audience.

The setup behind Berty's mindmap-based presentation

The cool thing about this mind-map based conference is that at the end, there is only one slide, containing all the pieces of information and that everyone physically (and intellectually) present at that time should be able to explain again.

One slide is practical to capture with a smartphone, and this slide contains everything; this advantage is really cool and I think that I will use this technique again when I don’t need to focus on a specific topic.

Berty's mind-map based presentation


I was very concentrated with the data that I totally forgot a lot of details :)

Personal notes for later:

  • Put at least my name, somewhere on the slide :)
  • Say who I am when I start talking
  • Don’t forget to add contact instructions

The buffet

I met 15 students, and my colleagues, Alex and Gody also met additional ones.

I was really happy to receive feedbacks from the students about the effectiveness of this style of presentation.

It was straight to the point, I like it


It was intense, I received a lot of motivational information, I want to know more now

My colleagues told me that a student asked her:

How are you so much energized, it’s impressive to feel so much energy

After the event

I made a lot of mistakes during the presentation and the preparation, but we also made some after :)

First, we forgot to create a job’s specific email address, it was fastly fixed, and the dedicated address ( was shared to the students by the 42 staff (thank you Virginie!).

Why we attended this event?

Technically, we are not in the hurry of hiring anyone, but Alex and I, recently finished to read “Who”, and we decided to follow the concept of meeting people continuously, maintain a list of people with their talents, and contact them the day we are in the hurry of hiring someone.

Who: The A Method for Hiring

Geoff Smart, Randy Street

Additionally, we are also open to “the perfect match”, and last but not least, I’m often solicited by other friends and CEOs of the startups I audit, so it’s always useful to take some time to meet motivated students, speak with them,

Berty’s scorecards

Even if we are not actively looking for a position, we made the exercise of defining what kind of profile would make the difference enough to hire someone right now.

We formatted our job offers as “Scorecards”, which is the method suggested in “Who”.

See Berty’s Scorecards (work-in-progress).

Unveiling Berty to a small group of students at 42 school in Paris

A lot of very positive feedbacks and interesting questions :)

Looking forward to organise an hackathon with them

Talks List

Talks I’ve made

  • Cryptography workshop (~4-5 hours)
    • history of the cryptography
    • understanding the dangers, weaknesses
    • good practices
  • Last News from Berty
  • P2P & Crypto in Go (~1 hour)
    • P2P: general intro; P2P & Go
    • Cryptography: general intro; Cryptography & Go
    • Berty: project intro; Berty & Go
  • Challenges of Open-Source
  • How to Join and Contribute to Open-Source Communities
    • Why I love Open-Source, and so should you
    • How to be a good contributor
    • How to open your projects
  • Introduction to Cryptography for Developers: 1-hour version
  • Introduction to Cryptography for Developers: 25-mins version
  • Presentation of the Berty project
  • Presentation of the Pathwar project
  • Behind the scene of Scaleway
    • how we created a new cloud provider
    • how we made the highest density server in the world
    • how we created a new cloud provider on exotical architecture
    • I made and adapted this presentation multiple times
    • Approx 30 minutes
  • Docker on exotic platforms & architectures
    • Docker on ARM
  • Clean Architecture on Golang
    • clean arch ? how ? why ? problems to address
  • ACSRF: for fun and profit
    • Presentation of the attack vector + PoC
    • Suggestions for the future
    • Approx 20 minutes
  • Code generation on Golang (, and elsewhere)
    • presentation of protoc-gen-gotemplate
    • boilerplate strategy
    • focus on microservices
    • strategy of having one contract for both backend and frontend (how to have separate team to work together)
  • History & Current State of P2P
    • A list of technologies and ecosystems about P2P and Cryptography
  • Docker from day 1
    • The pattern of implementing Docker very early and to use it for dev, CI, and production
    • Approx 40-50 minutes

Talks I plan to do

Here is a list of talks I would like to do, for those talks, I already have some materials and only wait for a good reason to take the time to finish the support of the presentation.

  • Why I want to lose control of Berty, how bitcoin and bittorrent succeed to make the project owned by the community
  • WAT: censorship
  • WAT: privacy
  • Blockchain and DPOS
  • IPFS on Mobile
  • BLE/Bluetooth-Low-Energy on IPFS
  • Presentation of QuicSSH (SSH over Quic)
  • Presentation of the Berty Protocol
  • Golang Project Layout
  • Drop the V1
  • Offline-first laptop
  • Cloud & Privacy
  • Securing devices in a trust less environment
  • Abusing Git & GitHub :)
    • Managing everything about a project on GitHub
    • Managing personal projects on GitHub
    • Managing life on GitHub :)
    • Automating with bots
    • Git & GitHub Hacks
  • SSH: under the hood & hacks
  • I <3 Useless Things
  • Nothing to hide
  • OSI (Open-Source Inteligence), you’re very (too much) public
  • Osmose presentation (presentation of the blockchain, the organization, the mission, the challenges)
  • Wulo presentation (what we’ve done, why we gave a try, what we’ve learned)
  • Presentation of
  • Roadmap management based on graph theory and statistics (presentation of depviz, graphman, and of the PERT framework)
  • Presentation of “Paris P2P”, a meetup, and a group that want to become a P2P project: transparent, and managed by the community
  • Monorepo and other contre-intuitive things I learned to love after working on a lot of projects and > 500 repos
  • Coding everyday, why and how I’ve a full GitHub streak of > 3 years
  • Being open-source first (state of mind): what it means to start a project open-source; why it’s very different from planning to become open-source; what are the tips to transform this fact from a constraint to an advantage
  • The Log Pattern: async + event-sourcing = <3
  • the perfect startup; how would be my perfect startup; what I want and … what I never want again
  • Feedback about microservices, why it’s often a bad idea
  • “Drop the V1”, why I stopped trying make perfect things from day one and embrace not being afraid of rewriting full pieces of code
  • What I’ve learned by auditing startups