Manfred Touron


A Befuddled Adult’s Guide to Playing With Little Kids

“Your job is to keep children from killing themselves, not from hurting themselves”

The Type Snob

Fonts, typefaces, explanations and good practices

5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, 14 Eyes -- Explained

A privacy review of VPN providers

Derek Sivers' Projects Page

Particularly interested by the “Book thoughts” project!

Pirate Vocabulary Word List

Ahoy, Gunpowder, Treasure, Walk the plank, Yo-ho-ho, …

English blog of a David, a french cryptographer

Derek Sivers' Blog

The personal blog of an awesome man in which I recognise myself a lot

OSMOSE Collective

Blockchain for Cooperatives, founded by Antoine Breuil, a good friend and a person I admire.

JP Aumasson's Homepage

Homepage of Jean-Philippe Aumasson, the cryptographer behind the “Serious Cryptography” book.


My latest project.

A french, non-profit alternative to Uber.