§A Googler would like to recognize your work on assh

I just received this email from someone at Google :)

Dear Manfred-

As you may know, we here in Google’s Open Source Programs Office are always interested in learning about new projects and people in the open source community. To that end, we asked our co-workers to help us by nominating people outside of Google that they thought were doing great things in the world of open source.

Uriel Corfa (Googler) believes your work on assh deserves to be recognized. To show our appreciation for this work, we would like to send you a special thank you gift and a MasterCard worth $250 USD that can be used at merchants and ATMs worldwide.

At your convenience, please fill out our form [0] with the physical address you would like us to use to ship your gift and MasterCard (it will be shipped via FedEx). If you are located outside of the US it could take a bit longer for your gift to arrive due to customs delays. You must fill out the form by Wednesday, April 20 to receive your funds.

Our 3rd party vendor, Payoneer* will contact you via email to provide more information about the $250 USD MasterCard.

Again we thank you for your great work in the open source community, we appreciate all that you do. Please contact Stephanie Taylor (sttaylor@google.com) if you have any questions.

[0] https://docs.google.com/a/google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you Google for this program, it’s wonderful to receive an award spontaneously.