§I’m a security specialist and entrepreneur. I make things with passion & madness.

Here is a more extended, more official-sounding version, suitable for copying and pasting:

Manfred Touron is a security specialist and an entrepreneur striving to make the world a better place using technology. He spent half of his life building software, and for more than a decade, codes nearly every day of the year. Contributed to over 400 open-source projects, some of which are used by thousands of people. A graduate and later a teacher in tech schools Epitech and 42. He is one of the managers of the Paris chapter of the while42 worldwide community; he also launched FranceP2P meetups. Manfred audits startups for VCs and gives strategic advices to startups.

In an intrapreneurship in the Iliad group, he created Scaleway, the first bare-metal cloud computing solution in the world, and made a number of significant contributions to the project.

With a small team, Manfred created Wulo, a non-profit Uber alternative in France, that operated for a few months on a country-wide scale before being closed. Currently, he is building another non-profit, advanced cryptography project on a subject he loves – privacy, liberty, free speech.

Visit him online at v1.manfred.life.

§Manfred’s own words:

I’m driven by the spirit of innovation. I question and challenge the limits, both those set by external authority and the internal ones. Can this be done better? Can this process be made more effective? Will the potential success be higher than the penalty for trying? – I think to myself and take action.

I also like studying complicated things, creating music and art, hacking, automating, and having fun.

§In friends’ words

I’ve also set up a questionnaire for my friends to see how people actually perceive me.

(By the way, a note to a person reading this – if we know each other or you think it would be cool to get acquainted, feel free to fill this questionnaire :) EN, FR.

Of course, to keep things balanced, I should’ve also create a questionnaire for my enemies, but there aren’t that many that I’m aware of.

Maybe one day I’ll become a superhero and get an arch-nemesis – then I’ll make sure to send them a link.

So, according to my friends’ testimonials, I’m curious, helpful, easy-going, and straightforward. Though some have pointed out the tendency of analyzing and optimizing everything, to the point of coming across as a “machine”.

As one person puts it, “you feel much more like a dog A than a dog B”.

Dog A

Dog B

§Frequently Asked Questions

§How do you prefer to be called?

§What are your hobbies?

§What are you doing right now?

See my now page.

§Where are you right now?

Paris, France.

§Where are you from?

I was born in Rouen, France.

I always lived in France:

§What’s the best way to contact you?

See my contact page.

§Where did you travel?

See https://nomadlist.com/@moul

§What was your education?

Compulsory education (elementary school, middle school, and high school) was a difficult period for me. I suffered from dysgraphia (inability to write or draw coherently with pens). Additionally, my parents forced me to learn German instead of English and to take the optional Latin courses. I was frustrated to have to stay very long days only taking notes for nothing (I wasn’t able to read them back).

Then, I went to Epitech, a private programming school that is project-based and drops everything not directly related to programming. I was finally able to be creative thanks to a keyboard, to read the notes I took on my computer. I think that I got the same enthusiasm that every other kid should have when they learn to write or draw earlier in their life. This enthusiasm brought me a tremendous amount of energy to work hard, days and nights, have my first job early, and practice a lot of experiments.

Even if I was very frustrated by my pre-computer education period, I’m convinced that it was an essential and positive step in my life that forged who I’m right now.

Now, I try to learn new topics regularly, mostly by reading articles and giving attempts with real-life projects.

§Who are your influencers?