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Mentoring Hook's First Batch of Startups during a Diner (42entrepreneurs)

Hook is the VC of 42entrepreneurs.

We talked about a lot of topics, mainly focused on previous experiences.

I met 2 startups:

  • Myth (e-sport)
  • Hatack (cybersec courses)

Hackathon Osmose

  • discussions about Osmose, Berty, Paris P2P, 42 school, La suite du monde
  • bootstrap QuicSSH

Cyber Security Experience @ IBM Cyber Technical Operation Center (hacking center in a truck)

Context: French schools were invited to discover this event, I represented 42

Speaker: Etay Maor, Executive Security Advisor and Cyber Security Leader at IBM

Let’s start the Cryptography Workshop at 42

Today, the Stelau team and I will organise a cryptography workshop at 42

We will progressively go from the basics of cryptography to dumping, analyzing and cloning our passports; and creating fake ones

  • 28 katas
  • 4 speakers
  • 80 students
  • 5 hours